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Training Packages

Womens pre-workout supplement form Xyience. Boosts Nitric Oxide, Cognitive functions and focus, and energy levels for training

Xyience Performance Nutrition: 
We wanted to address human performance by certain 
multi-systemic pathways that address these areas:

Increased blood flow
Anti-inflammatory properties
Enhanced recovery from various stressors by balancing the H.P.A.A. system (adrenal functions) i.e. training and studying
Improved brain/cognitive functions
Improved protein syntheses (making new proteins)
Decreased insulin resistance--Anti-Diabetic
Enhanced ATP (energy production)
Very high anti-oxidant properties on multiple
metabolic pathways
Hormone balancer
Electrolyte balancer
Increased Hydration
Enhanced muscle contractions
Enhanced recovery times between training sessions
All the above can enhance human performance

Danny Kaczmarek
CSO Chief Science Officer
Xyience Sports Nutrition, LLC
Mobile> 214-449-6863

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Contact us for our 2016 Personal Training Specials:

Platinum Training Package $1600 for 8 week program all nutrition supplements included. Average of 3 to 4 training sessions per weekPlatinum Package: 
(8-week program) @ 20 session per month maximum, along with a full nutrition and supplement program. All monthly supplements are included. Foundational nutrition, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre and post-workout nutrients etc... are provided! $1600

Gold Medal Training Package. 21 or more sessions purchased at $45 per session $45 to $945Gold Package: 
21 or more training sessions at $60 per session a (9 week Plan) $1260

Silver Medal Training Package. 12 to 20 sessions at $50 per session $600 to $1000Silver Package: 
12 to 20 sessions at $70 per session
a (7 Week Plan) $840 to $1400

Bronze Medal Training Package. 1 to 11 sessions purchased at $60 per session. $60 to $660Bronze Package: 
1 to 11 sessions at $80 per session
a (5 Week Plan) $80 to $880

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Trainers Teaching Trainers Part-1
KG and I talking training and physiology to enhance our clients performance
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Teaching Trainers Part-2
KG and I talking about training our clients. What works and what doesn't

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